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Exhibition Girls Ltd Staffing Agency are a professional temporary event recruitment agency. We hire experienced exhibition staff, event staff and promotional models across the United Kingdom. We are very proud of our reputation and provide clients with the best staff working in the industry. To see if we are a good fit as an agency for you – please read through our requirements.

Please note we receive a large number of applications daily and we can only confirm profiles if the application is completed fully, accurately and suitable for clients.

We contact staff directly for work according to client request, requirements and event location.

– FLUENT ENGLISH – other languages are great!

– UK / EUROPEAN PASSPORT OR VALID WORKING VISA – We require all staff to have a valid UK or European Passport and the right to work legally in the UK which must be uploaded via watu before we can confirm you.


– PICTURES We require photographs which are professional, a true reputation of your current appearance and suitable to send clients who require event professionals. Staff with professional headshots and commercial pictures are always selected first by clients so are worth investing in if you plan a career in this industry. We will decline profiles if selfies, group photos, photos on nights out, heavily styled high fashion shoot photos, hair model photos, dance or in-appropriate glamour lingerie photos are uploaded.

– APPEARANCE – professional, smart and groomed appearance with own black hostess dress, blazer and black heels / white blouse and pencil skirt / suit.

– EDUCATED – ideally to degree level.

– QUALITIES – Reliable, organised with an interest in business, events and exhibitions.

– EXPERIENCE – Please take time to fill this out fully and include all relevant experience. Clients will only pick staff with relevant work experience and we will decline profiles where this is not completed fully and properly

– HMRC COMPLIANT / PAYE AGENCY – Exhibition Girls Ltd are a fully HMRC compliant agency. We deduct tax and national insurance from our staff through the PAYE scheme and pay monthly. We hold full insurances for our staff.

Please note we are currently only registering applications from United Kingdom based staff until further notice.

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