Exhibition Girls Limited staff feedback

Exhibition girls are one of my favourite agencies to work for. They look after us well, have lovely clients, pay quickly and pay us well.
Thanks Exhibition Girls! <3

Birmingham Exhibition Girl

To work for Exhibition Girls is safe and very interesting. They are very professional and always give us a true presentation of the work we’ll have to do, they are available in case of emergency and pay very quickly. Moreover the agency has many clients in various fields which is for us very interesting.

Paris Exhibition Girl

I look forward to working with you again in the near future :) always a pleasure

London Exhibition Girl

I like working for Exhibition Girls because the jobs are always interesting, we get well looked after and payment is super fast!

London Exhibition Girl

I work for Exhibition Girls because they look after their staff and makes sure that all runs smoothly on the day of the event. Contact between the staff and client is arranged first thing and they are always at hand if anything should be needed. Exhibition girls have a great work ethic.

London Exhibition Girl

I like working with Exhibition Girls as they are a fun and friendly agency, whilst being professional and reliable at all time! They stand out from the crowd as a more personal and approachable agency for both clients and staff.

Manchester Exhibition Girl

I have worked for numerous promotional agencies over the last few years and can honestly say that working for Exhibition Girls is the most professional. The jobs are always of good standard, and the best part, you don’t have to wait weeks on end get paid. They are always on hand to make sure you have all you need to succeed…They are always my go to agency for work.

London Exhibition Girl

I love working for Exhibition Girls after managing experiential events for over 14 years I find Exhibition Girls have exceptionally high standards with regards to getting the right person for the job, resulting in happy staff with returning clients and very successful events!

Event Manager / Birmingham Exhibition Girl

I like working with Exhibition Girls because they’re extremely nice and communicative and I feel I can trust the agency. They are very transparent, and somehow all the clients I’ve worked with through you were very nice! I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve had my best experiences as a hostess with E.G.!

London & Paris Exhibition Girl

EG look after their staff as good as their clients, EG’s hand-picked staff makes our lives so much easier as I always get to work with lovely girls who are very professional and really have what it takes to be on a job. Their fast payment system makes me completely stress free. I wish to continue my journey with EG for as long as possible.

London Exhibition Girl

Working for Exhibition Girls is always a pleasure! I always meet nice new clients all over the world and have fun while working with them as a team. I always get paid immediately and Exhibition Girls always takes good care of the girls!

Amsterdam Exhibition Girl

Being freelance it’s important to be choosy about who I work for and the brands I represent, working with Exhibition Girls and their clients brings out the best in me and allows me in turn to bring out the best in their brand!!

London Exhibition GIrl

It’s a pleasure to work for Exhibition girls. I have been always booked on enjoyable jobs. The agency is well organised and punctual on payments!!

London Exhibition Girl

I have nothing but positive things to say about Exhibition Girls. I get paid as soon as I send my invoice, and the work is always as described. It is a pleasure to work for such a well structured and transparent agency, and this is what sets her apart from the rest. It is clear to see how they care about their work, they are honest, passionate, and a joy to work for.

London Exhibition Girl

I love working for Exhibition Girls! They are always honest, reliable and we are always paid prompt and one time.

I would highly recommend working for this agency.

London Exhibition Girls

Exhibition Girls have years of experience in this industry and have handpicked their staff over time. They know us all personally, rather than us just being voices on the end of a phone (which is mostly how it works with the larger agencies). They also know first hand what it is to be out on the field working at live events, which means she is excellent at handling the staff on her books. It is important to note that they pays their models immediately after completing an assignment which means happy staff. Many of the competing agencies offering cheap rates have low standards, often taking months to pay their staff (with staff chasing to be paid), taking unfair, high commission for themselves, and usually supplying staff they have never even met. Naturally, the loyalty of the best staff will go to the agencies that look after them, not the ones enticing you with cheap rates. I know this from many years experience working in events myself. They care about their staff and works extremely hard to make her clients happy. They run their business how it should be and I’d say it is a business worth supporting. I can strongly recommend Exhibition Girls.

London Exhibition Girl

I love working for exhibition girls, the office team and friendly and professional – always making sure I am super prepared before each job.

The clients are always fantastic and the agency pay on time every time which is brilliant and leaves me free to focus on doing a top notch job for the client.

London Exhibition GIrl

Exhibition Girls are one of the most fair and professional agencies I have the pleasure of working for.

I have always found the agency to be lovely to deal with and keen to achieve both client and staff satisfaction.

I have worked all over the country for Exhibition Girls and they have made huge efforts to ensure I have accommodation, food and am looked after and paid appropriately (and quickly) for my work.

In exchange I am always sure to work as hard as I can to keep clients and a great agency happy.

Birmingham Exhibition Girl

I like working for Exhibition Girls because they have nice clients and pay quickly after the job is done, that is great! Every single Job is well arranged and when you have problems you can call them any time and is always helping.

The clients know always what they can expect and till now i had always super nice and funny clients, they really appreciate the work from a hostess They have experience with this work themselves and because of that you can see they makes plus points on the weakness points over what most other agencies have. So i all by all i am very happy when i have a job from Exhibition Girls and it is always a pleasure ☺

Amsterdam Exhibition Girl