Exhibition Girls UK Promotion Staff for Google Code the Road Roadshow 2016

Exhibition Girls Staffing Agency were excited to continue our collaboration with Google and their Code the Road Roadshow at The Worx Studios in London this month. It’s been ten years since Google Maps launched APIs to developers, and since then, developers have been creating amazing apps and online experiences. To celebrate how maps and location are an integral piece of app development, Google hit the road internationally on a cross-country trip called Code the Road. Starting across the USA with a customized 1959 GM tour bus on a 14 stop journey the tour the tour hit Harley-Davidson, Lyft, Hilton Hotels, The Weather Channel ending in Walt Disney World the tour has extended worldwide including the UK.


We were instructed to provide tech savvy promotion staff to engage with visitors, support with accreditation, meet and greet, general assistance, guest guidance and demo explanation. Our staff love working on interactive promotional activities with energetic and interesting clients like Google. Exhibition Girls book bright, enthusiastic and experienced staff who are targeted to the client’s brand specifications. Our staff are intelligent and adaptable and will learn key brand messages to make sure that new customers are educated enthusiastically. We are an experience provider of brand ambassadors to leading brands such as Facebook, Google, Google Daydream for high profile launches and promotional events. Our promotion staff can be hired across the UK, Europe, Asia, USA and United Arab Emirates. We have an organised and experienced booking team who will personally work with your company and brand to provide the best promotion staff for your next brand launch.


Exhibition Girls Staffing Agency are a provider of engaging, experienced and exceptional promotional teams with technology experience. We cover the UK, Europe, Asia and United Arab Emirates extensively with excellent event and promotional staff.

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