London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls at ExCel London

London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls Exhibition Girls Staffing Agency London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls are really looking forward to the upcoming London Classic Car Show 2016 at ExCeL London. From the 18th to the 21st February, the show is an opportunity for the public to experience iconic cars from high speed to veteran classic cars. It’s the perfect event for enthusiasts and visitors to experience the golden years of car motoring. The show features Formula One Grand Prix racing motors and veteran cars. The central runway shows these vehicles in operation and visitors can experience the sheer power, speed and engine noise of these cars. With celebrities, motoring clubs, collectors and dealers and more than 200 stands on display – it’s a great day out for anyone passionate about classic cars.

Exhibition Girls are looking forward to providing our clients at the show with promotion staff and promotion girls to engage with visitors.

London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls will be supporting exhibitors and businesses as –

  • Promotion girls to promote businesses to show visitors and collect data from visitors
  • Data Collection staff to collect customer details via an ipad
  • Sales staff to represent your business and drive sign ups and company interest
  • Hostesses to guide visitors around vehicles and offer assistance and information on the vehicles

Using experienced and professional exhibition and promotion staff is a great way of growing your sales team. Our staff will promote your business at the tradeshow. This means you are able to speak with every visitor, capture information and close sales. We tailor our staff to make sure they have an interest in the company and industry exhibiting. This means they can integrate and represent your company like another member of your staff.

Please get in touch if you would like information on booking London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls


London Classic Car Show Promotion Girls