Promotion Girls available for booking at exhibitions and events from Exhibition Girls Limited Staffing Agency

Exhibition Girls Limited are an experienced, professional and effective staffing agency providing promotion girls and promotional staff to help businesses. The event industry is booming and most businesses recognise that events are a dynamic, energetic and fun way of meeting and attracting new customers. However most businesses need extra help. Many events take place internationally and away from the office. It’s also expensive to take staff away from the office and companies need to make sure the day to day business is managed and existing customers are looked after. Promotion staff are also used to busy event, exhibition and tradeshow environments. They are happy to interact, approach and engage with new customers. This is a skill that even sales staff seem to sometimes aren’t used to. Using promotion staff also leaves sales teams to close sales and spend time with important and interested customers. We provide a range of promotional services, promotion boys and promotion girls to businesses including

We have coverage across the United Kingdom and worldwide meaning your business can be assured of a professional promotional staffing service for international events. We have very high standards for all our staff. We manage the 360 process from staff selection, staff checking in on the day, we request photographs and feedback. Exhibition Girls Limited also hold full public and employers liability insurance for our staff. We are HMRC compliant and follow agency leglislation ITEPA 2003 which means PAYE tax and national insurance must be paid for staff. Booking through our agency means your business and brand is covered and employment is legal.

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