Promotion Staff for IQOS, Philip Morris International at Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 2018

Exhibition Girls Limited are a leading worldwide promotion staffing agency providing experienced and professional promotion staff for events and brand activity. We are a trusted and professional agency for marketing, pr and brands who require an efficient solution for staffing. Exhibition Girls have over 10 years experience organising and booking high profile promotional campaigns for brands. We work across the technology, IT, consumer and B2B sectors on a diverse range of events. Our services include demonstration staff, sampling staff, leafleting staff and promotional staff. We also place high value on follow agency legislation for all our staffing to ensure employment law is followed and businesses are protected.

Exhibition Girls Monaco Promotion Staff,  multilingual hostesses and guides helped our client Philip Morris IQOS brand, during the famous Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 in May 2018.

Philip Morris has integrated Ferrari into its communication asset which aims to encourage people give up smoking for other tobacco-based alternatives. IQOS is an electronic device that heats the tobacco instead of burning it without combustion. The IQOS brand invited famous influencers and Philipp Morris CEO’s from different countries including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England, Russia, Romania and Poland at the event. They had an unforgettable experience during the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. The guests were accommodated on the largest cruise ship at Monaco Hercules port and could watch the Formula 1 competition as well as discover the city of Monaco.

Exhibition Girls Limited was in charge of providing multilingual guides for the delegations of each country. Our hostesses are fully bilingual French and English, in addition they speak other foreign languages, necessary for this type of job (Japanese, German, Russian, Polish, Romanian, for example). Thus delegations were welcomed in their native language which is very important for an event so prestigious and cosmopolitan as Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1. Experience Staff Monaco team were present during the 3 days of Grand Prix and we had the pleasure to contribute to this beautiful experience proposed by IQOS.

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