How to select the right agency for promotion, event and exhibition staffing

Exhibition Girls Ltd staffing agency at Olympia London

Exhibition Girls Ltd frequently have conversations with clients, marketing agencies, small start ups to multi-national companies who share the same issues over selecting staff and an agency. With the internet connecting staff and agencies, the industry has expanded and unfortunately without regulation and it can be very confusing particularly for non UK clients. Many agencies have great websites but are failing to pay taxes, hold proper insurances, have VAT registered businesses or even pay their staff. But this will not continue and therefore it’s important for your business or client to make sure you are working with a professional agency when engaging event or exhibition staff.

We understand that engaging freelance staff at an important event or exhibition is also understandably a huge decision. When we speak with prospective customers, most clients are curious about the way the industry and event staffing works. They have usually seen promotional staff at an event and seen how much energy and benefit they can bring and want this for their business. Exhibition Girls Ltd provide staff to companies because we know the benefits that staff who are confident, friendly, proactive and solely focused on leads and looking after customers. The feedback we receive from clients always reaffirms that they couldn’t have been without the staff and this drives us to educate more customers about the industry and service. We also hand match all our staff personally to clients. We look at the business, their aims, what they are looking to achieve at the event. Whether this is via languages, personality or past experience. We truly believe every exhibitor should have a form of staffing at their event if provided correctly.

But fundamentally this is a business transaction involving employment laws and legal, financial factors are probably the most important initial factors to consider when selecting an agency for staff. This is particular relevant for marketing agencies booking staff on behalf of a brand.

We advise all clients to look into the following factors when selecting an agency –

  • Is the agency a limited company and registered with companies house with a financial record?
  • Is the agency VAT registered?
  • Do you know about the company and the background of the management team and director? Do they have LinkedIn? 
  • Does the agency have positive google reviews? This is particularly important to check as unhappy staff tend to comment.
  • Does the agency have a good reputation? This is a small industry – it’s definitely worth asking staff at shows / industry for an agency recommendation.
  • Are they HMRC compliant and paying their staff via PAYE? This is a major issue in the industry at the moment since the change in legislation When clients inform us they have received a low quotation we always urge to check that tax and national insurance is paid for staff via a PAYE payroll. Agencies are no longer able to employ promotion staff as self employed or freelance. If tax isn’t being deducted it will be reclaimed and could potentially be from the client with fines.
  • Is the agency checking work and visa eligibility? Are passports being checked and national insurance numbers? If an agency is paying staff via PAYE this is mandatory but this has huge implications financially and legally if an agency aren’t keeping records.
  • Does the agency hold full public and employers liability insurance for staff classified employees covering all services provided and situations?
  • If an agency is employing or taking staff abroad – are local VAT costs covered if a service being supplied in that country?

We feel strongly that clients should receive the best service for their event and exhibition staff. We are always at the end of the phone and are happy to discuss any event, exhibition or corporate needs for your business or brand clients.

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